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Berlin based Marilyn Nova White (they/them) is an authentic actor, dancer, drag king and kinky performance artist with half Bulgarian roots. Their multidisciplinary work explores performance, movement, and the body with a focus on gender, physicalities and desire.


Marilyn started exploring dance at a very young age and has not stopped since.* The journey led them to become a dance, drama and circus teacher and workshop facilitator. Discovering their passion for acting, the world of drag kings and the multi-faceted wonders of kink greatly influenced the narrative of their current work.

Marilyn graduated from Theatre Pedagogy at Theaterwerkstatt Heidelberg in 2012. Developing and growing their practice through numerous collaborations and productions since then, Marilyn is well known for their stage presence today.
2022 Marilyn received the NEUSTART KULTUR research funding from FONDS DARSTELLENDE KÜNSTE for working on their conceptual development of artistic projects.

*Including ballett, jazz dance, contemporary, contact improvisation, bellydance, tribal fusion, ATS (American tribal style bellydance), hoop dance, bharatanatyam, hip hop, gogo dancing, voguing, sensual floorwork

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